How to draw cars.

Let me tell you quickly how to draw cars the easy way, first off, start out by tracing them, this will give you a quick understanding of how outline drawings work, as well as teach you to look harder at your drawing. Then when you have done some of this, do some grid reference drawing. I draw cars. You can tell by watching the video below, this was the first video I put up on Youtube, May 2009 and it is still good.


Another video of me drawing a car can be seen below which is about using a grid to do your drawing, May 2012 3 years later. This is spoken as well as written in formation about using the grid reference process of learning to draw.  It is also a good drawing and worth seeing it being created.

2012 Mustang Red Barron Rod It's Alive

When you work using the grid reference method of drawing, you learn to draw outlines accurately by using a grid. Outline drawing combined with shading are the two main elements of drawing. Do both of these well and your drawings will always look good. This will always impress others and you will feel good about your drawings so it will spur you on. Learn how to draw this way first and your visual memory will grow strong quickly but also your memory recall will have more information to recall, and that information will be accurate because the only way to really learn to draw cars, is to actually draw them. If you learn to draw cars this way, you will be drawing very good cars, very quickly. Much more quickly than If you tried to short cut this method and jumped right in. If you attempt to learn how to draw cars free hand first, you will be doing it without any knowledge of what your doing. Not knowing what you are doing first spells hard work. With lots more trial and error involved in your learning process. With plenty of crashes along the way. I have tried to tell you and that’s the best I can do. The rest is up to you, you can learn the hard way or the easy way, both will get you where you want to go but one will do it a lot faster. Some more of my own cars to look at.

Painted by Gareth Pritchard

A gift of love.


This is intended to give you a blue print of some of the stuff you need to learn to draw cars well and I laid it out as a prioritized list.

The best steps to take are as follows:

In a systematic process of informative development.

Getting.Started……………………………………………………………………………… 01

How To Get Started Drawing Cars

Copy cars that already exist so you can learn about real cars from photographs of them. Copy how other people draw cars and take a look at other peoples drawings of cars. Experiment by doing sketches of your own cars at the same time as learning to draw cars from photographs.

Quick Drawing Examples.


You can find a great page about doing this at the end of this link, right click the link below and open it in a new tab to look at later it will be helpful.–step-by-step

Standard equipment

Standard equipment you will need is a graphite pencil a softer 2b or 3b will be good as an all rounder and at the very least, you can use A4 photo copy paper/printing paper, is quite good. Let me tell you or even show you that you can do great drawings with these basic tools.

Quick Drawing Examples

How To Draw Cars, example, VW Beetle

Learn To Draw Cars, VW Ragster ,

Learn How To Draw Good Cars, 2010 Honda Civic, Graphite Pencil Drawing

Tracing cars will give you some understanding of how to draw cars, it will tell you a lot about cars if you don’t just do it blindly. Understanding the basic anatomy of the different types of cars from sports cars, to family saloons, is all worth knowing because they have their own characteristics, it is worth learning these. Photo copy paper is thin but strong and you can see through it a little so it can be used as overlays for redrawing and designing. There is a lot more equipment you can try out so I insist you try the lot if you get the chance. Perspective…. Basic geometry is very cool Single-point Perspective Two-Point Perspective Horizon Lines Is Perspective So Important? This depends on the positioning of your car, a drawing of a car directly from the front or the back or the side will not present any real need for a perspective, although they would be single point perspectives. If you move to the left or right, up or down you will begin to see more of the car in perspective and that is when wheels become ellipses. How To Draw Perspective Grids Perspective grids are very cool, they give you a basic understanding of geometry and the focal plain perspective, enabling things to stand upright whilst disappearing into the distance. Drawing boxes in perspective is a great leaning tool or a good method of doodling, practising, trying out your tools, draw cubes and boxes. Ellipses Get those wheels right and you will get a lot better, a lot quicker, practice and examine them closely, even consider suggesting them but doing it well, is very cool. Learn this stuff and draw some great cars in the process.

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