Leaked car drawings, the Maserati, Quattroporte, 2014.

If your interested in drawing cars then really you should be taking a look at different types of car drawings, like the ones presented in this article. Notice that these are not drawings in the conventional sense but drawings made on a computer.

It is still worth noting how they are drawn if you want to improve your understanding and how different types of drawings can create different effects these are design drawings but could also be called plan drawing. Below you will find one that I did my self using a free software, GNU Image Manipulation Program, called GIMP for short. The drawing below is what I would call a simple line drawing like those used in cartoons. It is also similar to the Maserati drawings except this is a 1950’s, Chevy Sedan.

Image from click here. 

Alleged Patent Drawings For The 2014 Maserati Quattroporte

“This means that the final shape of the new Quattroporte is still very much a mystery, although new sketches alleged to be patent drawings for the car have surfaced and give away most of the design. The drawings, first posted by AutoWeek.nl, are claimed …”


Please take notice how the hood, windows and lights in the Maserati drawing are just that little bit heavier giving them more weight, this is so as to make them more easily identified along with the lights.

Also notice that because these are design drawings they are lines only, with no shading at all but as already mentioned if your lines are made with more weight/heavier they can be used to put more emphasis on something.


to draw a car 1958 ford thunderbird

1960s corvette Classic

1950's Chevy Ink Pen Drawing

1958 Chevy Bel Air car drawing

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