When drawing cars you need to know this.

When drawing cars it is always difficult to get your construction right, along with your lighting and shadows so in the next few lines I will explain what I mean and give you some tips on how to do this in your drawings.

When people who can draw well do a drawing of a car or anything they work in a specific meticulous fashion and look at their drawings in a methodical practiced way in order to get them accurate. They might seem to the onlooker as just drawing cars by just drawing what they see but in actual fact they are measuring and mapping out their drawing with precision. They do this by looking from side to side along the horizontal plane as well as up and down along the vertical plane to identify where the different marks, shapes or lines go in relation to each other as well as the subject they are drawing from.

Drawing cars well is not luck.

Learning how to draw cars or anything well is no mistake or stroke of luck, all good artists work in this way because eye tracking studies have show that all competent trained artists work using these methods of looking from side to side, up and down, where as untrained artists work in a haphazard way with very little success.

As a beginner learning to draw cars you need to practice this in a way that will encourage you to do it without thinking making it natural and easy.

The video below shows you a method for practicing in this way that will help you to get your drawings more accurate and also teach you to look at your work like a trained artist does by looking from side to side, up and down.

Draw a car, construction, lighting and shading.

drawing cars a hot rod pencil drawing


Drawing cars with good lighting isn’t luck either.

The same applies to lighting, in the real world lighting only works in one way and if you don’t get it right your drawings will look awkward, unbalanced or inaccurate, they will not look good to you or others. If you do not understand how light works then you will not understand how to do your shading correctly and that is why your drawing will not look good.

All light travels in straight lines and usually comes from above because the sun or the moon are high up in the sky above our heads and the light shines down from above. This also means that anything that is facing away from the light will be darker and usually in shadow which basically means light above and shadow below. Drawing cars is no exception to this rule so it is best to get some understanding of the basic principles of light and shade.

The video below will also show you some of these basic principles with examples to help you understand this more easily.

Lighting in drawing, the fundamentals and basics.

Drawing cars and showing the shading

If you understand these basic principles of drawing or drawing cars then you will always be better prepared for doing good drawings of any subject.

Failure to prepare is to prepare to fail, pre – preparation and planing, prevents poor performance, be prepared.

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